Coaching Programs

Who needs a Book Coach?

  • You have multiple story ideas fighting for space in your head
  • You know there’s something you are trying to share with others, but you can’t get it out
  • You have a love/hate relationship with writing. It’s something you can’t stop doing, but you lack focus or structure
  • You need someone to have your back when it comes to your writing 
  • You wish you had a guide who’s been there
  • You’re craving real and honest feedback 
  • You have no idea what happens in your story, you’re floundering without a plan
  • You need encouragement, advice and deadlines—and someone to hold you accountable!


This is, by far, the best value. With this option you’ll receive:

  • A customized coaching program to fit your specific needs as a writer
  • Personalized answers to emailed questions, maximum one per day
  • One 60-minute monthly phone call to discuss your work, plus a goals check-in
  • Feedback on 30 pages of writing per month
  • A monthly progress review via email the week before your call, so that our time together is as productive as possible for you
  • A publishing plan where we’ll discuss your options and develop your individual publishing strategy. You’ll leave with a detailed written plan with action steps to get you underway
  • An author branding strategy, with a guide and workbook.

Special limited time offer: $ 250.00 per month.

Pick a payment plan that suits your needs

Plan A: $350.00 down + two equal payments of 175.00.

Plan B: Bonus Savingspay for your package up front and save $25. Pay only $725!


Kick start your writing with a one-hour intensive strategy session!

  • One, 60-minute phone call to discuss your ideas and receive advice about the best way to proceed with your plans
  • 3 e-mails for you to use if you have follow-up questions about your plans.
  • Written summary of Action Steps discussed, plus the commitments you made in support of your writing life.

1 hour: $90 Canadian.

Resource Library


We’re custom building helpful tools that will grow your confidence as a writer. These resources are a comilation of our 50-plus years of expertise as published writers.

                    Check out our awesome resource library here!

Master Your Writing Schedule

52 Weeks of Accountability

Your weekly mini-coaching session! A year of weekly emails packed with inspiration to help keep your writing life strong and support the commitments you made to yourself. It`s like having a weekly nudge from your coach…or from yourself…either way, it`s all good.

Price: $97

Master Your Brand

Master Your Brand Ideal Reader Package: Guide and Workbook

Everyone tells you, as a writer you need a platform—a way to connect with your readers and build your brand as an author. Ok, you think. But I don’t have a finished book yet. What, exactly, do I build a platform around? Building a relationship with your readers is the essential first step in creating an authentic and successful marketing strategy as an author. This guide and workbook together will help you define your ideal reader and begin this process.

Price: $37


Master Your Writing Business

Master your social media with our done-for-you 

365 Day Social Media Content Calendar for Writers

This done-for-you 365 Day Social Media Content Calendar was designed especially for writers. You’ll increase followers and audience engagement by allowing your readers to get to know your authentic you. No thinking required because this calendar tells you exactly what to post, every single day. Your days of staring at a blank screen are behind you. 

Weve done the work so that you dont have to.

With this valuable tool, you will nurture your audience with genuine two-way interaction, daily. All with no stress, no headache—in just minutes! And, the best part? It’s evergreen! You can use this same done-for-you content calendar year after year.

Price $67