Meet Devorah

Devorah Garland

As an editor, copy writer and book developer, words are my profession‒but they’ve also been my life’s passion since I was composing songs at the age of six.

I’ve been a career Wordsmith for 35 years now. I got an English Lit degree (Honours BA, York University, Toronto) then got busy as a journalist. I’ve written for numerous trade and business publications, including the National Post and Toronto Sun. Yes, I still write fiction, songs and poems. But what really fires me up is leveraging great prose to meet practical goals. In short: business and marketing writing is where my heart lies.

I co-founded Master Your Words with Sandra J. Clarke as a team, to show other writers how to do what we love. We have different specialities but overlapping passion: for writing and getting published.

I’m an Amazon bestselling author. I’ve ghostwritten books, websites, blogs, speeches—you name it‒and mentored many professionals to skillfully manage their message. Along the way, I developed my own planning tools. My clients love them. Because good planning leads to brilliant communications. When writers don’t know where to start, or fear they won’t hit the mark, my compassionate coaching helps. Learn more about me

You have a great book inside you. Your expertise is valuable. Make the most of your biggest product and opportunity: YOU !